Public event

The poets who are coming to our conference are too good to keep all to ourselves – so we’re having a public reading. Come along!

We’re especially excited to be able to share two of our international guests:

  • Canadian poet Christian Bök, the author of the award-winning Eunoia (2001), who is currently working on The Xenotext – a project that requires him to encipher a poem into the genome of a bacterium capable of surviving in any inhospitable environment
  • US writer Brian Blanchfield, the author of three books of poetry and prose, most recently Proxies: Essays Near Knowing, a collection part cultural close reading and part autobiography, which has been one of our favourite discoveries of the year.

They’re joined by some of our favourite local poets, Jenny Bornholdt who is a keynote speaker at the Poetry and the Essay conference, Paula Green, Harry Ricketts, Anna Jackson, Cliff Fell and Joan Fleming (who we still like to think of as a New Zealand poet, even though she’s originally from Canada and is now living in Australia).

When: 7 pm, Thursday 7 December 2017
Where: Meow, 9 Edward Street, Welliington

Free admission, all welcome.